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Blue Light Press is dedicated to the publication of poetry that is imagistic, inventive, emotionally honest, and pushes the language to a deeper level of insight. We are a collective of poets based in San Francisco, and our books are artistically designed.


Just published!

Yoga of the Impossible

a novel by Diane Frank

“In Yoga of the Impossible, a series of journeys of the mind, the heart, and the whole spirit dance, punctuated by the most amazing imagery. At some place in this picaresque work, the reader will stand up and cheer. I guarantee it.”
—Mary Norbert Korte, author of The Persephone Poems

"One of life’s greatest teaching tools is paradox, as people have to deal with paradoxes every day in order to grow. Diane Frank’s Yoga of the Impossible weaves the paradoxical teachings of union to show how to find the gold buried within. Diane is a master tantric weaver in the way she slips a man into a woman’s mind to feel the power of relationships from a woman’s experience. Her rich, sensuous imagery enlivens me to my core."
—George James, Author of Copperhead: Tantric Lessons on Love

About this novel...
Take an American geisha, an artist who knows everything the geishas know about love. Put her in a society that's morally profane, and ask her to find her way. The story is told through the soul of a sculptor who lives her life as a contemporary Aphrodite. Katarina sees everything through the lens of an obscure Indian philosophy, Yoga of the Impossible, a path of seeking enlightenment through opposites and contradictions.

Early in the novel, two young teenagers face a trauma that will ripple through their lives unless they turn around and deal with it. You'll meet a tribe of late-blooming artists searching for love on a crooked path. Dripping with fine art, Yoga of the Impossible is populated with musicians, dancers, sculptors, radio talk show hosts, and mermaids transforming lunacy into poetry.


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