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Blue Light Press is dedicated to the publication of poetry that is imagistic, inventive, emotionally honest, and pushes the language to a deeper level of insight. We are a collective of poets based in San Francisco, and our books are artistically designed.


Just published:

Flash Fiction Funny
by Tom Hazuka

Measuring the Distance, flash fiction by Robert Scotellaro
Measuring the Distance
flash fiction
by Robert Scotellaro

Swan Light, by Diane Frank
Swan Light
by Diane Frank


Featured Books:

What Comes of Waiting
by KB Ballentine

This Moment's Daughter, by June Rachuy Brindel
This Moment's Daughter
by June Rachuy Brindel

Gimme Five, by Philip Dacey
Gimme Five
by Philip Dacey


News, hot off the press:

A new anthology is in production— a blend of famous and should-be-famous authors!


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