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Praise for Blue Light Press

"At a time when writers feel pressed, stressed and dissed by publishers, Blue Light Press offers a breath of fresh air. Publisher Diane Frank is a friend to writers, treating them with respect and care. In a world where violence, negativity and frustration rule, Blue Light is the exception, publishing work that keeps wonder alive, nurtures the soul and celebrates joy."
– Joan Gelfand, Author of You Can Be a Winning Writer


A glowing review by Naomi Lowinsky of River of Earth and Sky (Diane Frank), along with News of the Universe (Robert Bly), The New American Poetry (Donald M. Allen), and She Rises Like the Sun (Janine Canan).

San Francisco Examiner rave review of Blue Light Press, September 2010

Praise for Blue Light Press Workshops

"Diane's classes inevitably unleash a torrent of significant creativity."
- Paul Stokstad, author of Butterfly Tattoo

"Diane's workshop, wow! I can't imagine a more invigorating, supportive environment for getting started with serious writing."
- Kirston Koths

"I have an MFA from New England College's low residency program in poetry, but can honestly say that I've never taken a workshop that has 'clicked' for me as well as Diane's."
- Paul Fisher, author of Rumors of Shore

"I have learned so much here, I can't begin to tell you. In some ways it has been more important to my writing than my MFA work. The work you put into each poem helps me so much to sort through what I am trying to do and gives me ideas about how to proceed. The other poets are truly wonderful, each of them, and they are also a large part of the learning."
- Katherine Drabek in Portland, Oregon

"Finding Diane's class was the best thing that ever happened to me."
- Joyce Uhlir, author of Mysterious Light

"I have learned more from YOU in these few years I've been writing...than my own small group here at home...any summer workshops...and all the books I've read. You have been wonderful. You have given me confidence and a whole lot more."
- Sharon Munson, author of Stillness Settles Down in the Lane

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and feel like I have grown in many respects: through the seeds your provided, the feedback I got on my own poems and giving and reading the feedback on the work of others in the group. The best part is that by participating I live and breathe poetry, despite working full-time and teaching part-time. I think about my poem driving to work; I finally take my lunch hour instead of working through it; and when I get home, no matter how tired I feel the poetry draws me."
- Sandi Stromberg

"I love this workshop! Your comments are so constructive and present a perspective that opens up new ways to look at my writing."
- Deborah Ramos in San Diego, California

"Your comments are always SUPERB, because of them I feel as if I have gone light-years ahead of where I would have gone if I had been doing this on my own. It is rare that you make a suggestion I don't want to incorporate..."
- Lisa Hickey in Boston, Massachusetts

“Diane creates a workshop of individualized heaven. She provides manna for all the senses so that we are enriched, empowered and ready to write about the miracle that is life in all its contours. Above all, it is fun and intimate. Lasting friendships are made with other writers who honor our work and give our poems the time they deserve. There is no other workshop like the BLP Summer Workshop at the Pink Palace. Diane in all her graces is a gift."
- Lisha Adela García, author of Blood Rivers

"If you haven't been in one of Diane's workshops before, get ready to be inspired!"
- Pat Barone

"Thank you so much!! I've never before been given critique that makes me this happy and this eager to explore revising. What a treat!!"
- Dr. Irene D. Hays


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