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The editors of Blue Light Press warmly invite you to submit a manuscript to our Blue Light Poetry Prize Competition. Please share our guidelines with other poets, and if you teach writing, please let your students know about our contest. If you want to be on our E-mail list, please contact us and let us know.

We like poems that are imagistic, emotionally honest, and contain a vision where the writer pushes through the imagery to a deeper level of insight.

1. Manuscripts should be 10 to 28 pages, typed or printed with a laser or inkjet printer.
2. The winner will be published by Blue Light Press. You will receive 10 copies your book, which can be sold for $12.00 each.
3. Submit your manuscript between February 1 and June 30.
4. There is a $10.00 reading fee. Make your check payable to Blue Light Press.
5. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. No manuscript will be returned without a SASE.
6. The winner will be announced in November, and the book will be published in the spring.
7. If you win the contest, you will need to give us your manuscript on a CD. Acceptable formats:
PC or Mac - using Word or RTF (Rich Text Format).
8. Send your manuscript, $10.00 check, and SASE to Blue Light Press Poetry Prize, PO Box 150300, San Rafael, CA 94915. Do not submit by E-mail.
9. Please do not send manuscripts by registered or certified mail, as this requires a trip to the post office during business hours. If you want confirmation of receipt, include a postcard with your manuscript. We are not strict about deadlines— if your manuscript comes a few days late, we will read it.
10. Please do not use tyvek envelopes, as we like to be gentle to the earth.



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